"DUNI" has a hundred-year long tradition in the art of metalworking although art is no longer our primary activity. Most notably results in the last 30 years of work we have achieved in the casting of:

  • water valves
  • seals and other bronze parts for hydro power
  • bronze parts for power plants and mines
  • the wheel nuts in the tractor and automobile industry (where we also own the patent)
  • bronze parts in mechanical engineering and shipbuilding
  • bronze parts for the glass industry

Foundry "DUNI" directly exports 30% of its production in the countries of Western Europe,
solely due to the quality of products

Technological possibilities

  • 1000 m2 of production space
  • Most of the production (75% or approximately 100 tones) refers to gravity and centrifugal casting, and the rest is related to sand casting (25% or 50 tones)
  • In gravity casting the most present is brass (MS63) from which we make all kinds of cast related to water and gas armatures. We are providing centrifugal cast from all alloys of bronze and brass to a diameter of 500 mm
  • In sand casting are also represented all the alloys bronze and brass. Size of the outflow is unlimited and the maximum weight is 600 kg
  • We also have CRONING and HOT BOX systems of core production
  • We have the possibility of machining diameters up to 1100 mm



Gravity casting

Crop of castings

Production of core 1

Production of core 2